Jambo Arts

16th Annual Exhibition
Wearable Arats Contest Winners

Think Pink

  1. Model: Barbara de Brum. Artists: Yoshiko Capelle, Angela Saunders, Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner. Prize: Sewing Machine and $200 cash
  2. Model: Carnie Reimers Artist: Gloria de Brum Kabua Prize: $100 Gift certificate and $100 cash
  3. Model: Nia & Barwa. Artist: Nika Wase. Prize: $200 cash


  1. Model: Mika Capelle. Artist: Yoshiko Capelle. Prize: Sewing machine and $200 cash
  2. Model: Kyri. Artist: Nika Wase. Prize: $100 Gift Certificate and $100 cash

Trash to Flash

  1. Model: Romana Artist: Cindy Huang Prize: Sewing machine and $200 cash
  2. Model: Bale TikoiniusiladiMaitokana Artist: Team Maiokana Prize: $100 gift certificate and $100 cash
  3. Model: Sellyann Jamore. Artist: XinTon “Sunny”. Prize: $100 cash

Special Prizes

  1. Best Head to Toe outfit: Model:  Artists: MIHS Group Prize: $100 cash plus $200 gift certificate
  2. 2nd place Head to Toe outfit: Model:   Artist: Maria Palua. Prize: $100 cash
  3. Best Model: Paulini Maitokaa Artist: Team Maitokana Prize: $ 100 cash


Jambo Arts Scholarship Recipient

We are pleased to announce that the recipient of the Jambo Arts Scholarship is Kiran Datwani and Geovanni Johnson. Congratulations!

Jambo Arts Grant Program

Jambo Arts is excited to offer a grant program for established and emerging artists. The Fellowship has been named for one of Jambo’s founders, Daryle Newman, whose commitment to cultivating artistic talents in the Marshall Islands has become an inspiration to all of us. Two awards in the amount of $200 will be given to support the creation of artwork and artistic talent including supply purchases, training, and/or other activities.  

Jambo Arts welcomes applications from Marshallese artists. Applications can be submitted in English or Marshallese via email at jambo.arts.rmi@gmail.com or dropped off to the Majuro Cooperative School Office. Applications must include most up-to-date contact information (i.e. phone, email, mailing address).

Application Deadline: November 4, 2016

Read more about our grant program

* Fellowship and scholarship information in Marchallese language is available. Download pdf from here.


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